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Music has great power over our senses—to be able to emote others with lyrics and melodies is a privilege. Writing, recording and performing has always been my dream, and as I get to finally share my art with you, the big message I want all the listeners and fans to take away is:

No dream is ever too big and no obstacle is ever too great. I was not born into a family of musicians nor did any of my friends or family members ever have any connections in the music industry. I had to prove my talent and worth not only to other musicians, producers and music execs, but also to my family and even to myself. I ended going to University to study business and psychology and it was only after I got my BCom Degree from McGill University that I was able to devote myself fulltime to the pursuit of my passion. I have had to have a ton of patience, perseverance and gumption to go after what I wanted, but I did it.

Today I live in Argentina, record and produce with artists and DJs around the world and as I continue to make my mark as a woman, as an artist and as a dedicated human being with a story to tell, I hope that my music inspires you to believe in yourself, to embrace your own strength and to feel like you can accomplish anything!

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Want to learn more about Polina Grace, her music, and her upcoming tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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